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What to look for when buying an electric slatted frame?

The following aspects are an indication of quality and flexibility. If you would like to purchase an adjustable slatted base, you should make sure when purchasing that the model has these characteristics or quality criteria. Buy best Tempurpedic adjustable base.

Emergency lowering:

This feature ensures that the slatted base can be returned to its original position even when it is no longer connected to the active power supply. This is irreplaceable if the slatted base is used for health reasons and manual lowering is therefore out of the question. In the event of a power outage, you do not have to worry that the slatted frame will “hang” in a position where you cannot sleep. This is guaranteed by an integrated battery.

Mains cut-off:

This function is important for two reasons. On the one hand, it reduces the electricity bill; on the other hand, it is necessary for carriers of cardiac pacemakers. It ensures that no current flows when none of the buttons on the remote control are pressed. If there is no power cut, it can also cause a constantly audible, very quiet engine noise.

Radio remote control:

The radio remote control is the alternative to the wired remote control. As the name implies, the signal is transmitted here using radio waves. This provides flexibility, as you do not have to depend on the length of the cable for operation. Above all, this prevents you from getting tangled up with the cable or wrapping it around individual parts of the bed.


This means the lying zones. The lying areas guarantee more comfort and ensure that individual areas of the body are supported more strongly when they exert more intense pressure on the slatted frame. High-quality slatted frames work with 7 or 9 zones, which are individually aligned to the respective pressure.

Middle chord:

The center belt is also used in classic slatted frames. It provides extra fixation especially for larger variants and is true to its name in the middle of the slatted frame. Like a pillar, it ensures a uniform distribution of weight and prevents the strips from sag unevenly after a short time.